Bat Image

In Geuka, Bats are very predictable and are usually indifferent to the activities of the other creatures of the game world.  During the night Bats fly along their chosen path eating small insects, only to return to their home to sleep during the day.  Although Bats do not seek out large prey, they are very defensive and will bite creatures that get too close.  Be watchful for patrolling Bats when you travel at night and stay out of their way.


Bee Image

The reliable pollen gatherers of Geuka; Bees travel in predictable patterns, flying from flower to flower along their chosen path or sitting peacefully and quietly.  However, Bees are easily attracted to their preferred color and even a Chameleon of that color may attract their attention.  Be careful, a sting from a wandering Bee can be dangerous to Charlie and must be avoided.


Butterfly Image

Butterflies are not uncommon in the world of Geuka.  They are often stationary and easy to catch.  The unique feature of butterflies in Geuka is that they have magical powers.  By eating a light-orange butterfly Charlie can cause day to arrive faster or last longer, and eating a violet butterfly has the effect of making night arrive faster.  This magical power can be very useful in order to cause (or prolong) the nighttime or daytime behavior of other creatures.


Centipede Image

Centipedes are dangerous relatives of the Rolly-Pollies.  Like the Rolly-Pollies, they roll-up when they are asleep and can be pushed by Charlie and used to trigger switches.  However, when they are awake Centipedes are very dangerous and able to sting Charlie.  They are a useful creature, but be careful and make sure Charlie is not near when they awake.


Charlie Image

Charlie is a chameleon and the main character of Geuka.  Charlie is very curious about the world and especially about a certain butterfly.  The story of Geuka follows Charlie's adventures in pursuit of this butterfly; through open grasslands and forests, along mountains and lakes, and across the varied parts of the world that Geuka encompasses.

As a chameleon, Charlie has the ability to change color; or, more specifically, to mimic the color of the surrounding objects.  Whenever Charlie walks across an open flower this color-changing ability is triggered which causes Charlie to change color to match the flower.  This particular ability is very useful in order to avoid predators that are easily confused by color changes or lack the visual acuity to see through Charlie's camouflage.


Rolly-Polly Image

Rolly-Pollies (also called woodlice), are small creatures that wander around the world of Geuka.  They are not dangerous to any other creature, but they can be quite useful.  At night, when the Rolly-Polly is asleep, it rolls up into a ball that can be easily pushed around.  This rolled-up Rolly-Polly can be used to hold down switches or for other purposes that may allow Charlie to follow the special butterfly to locations that would otherwise be unreachable.


Scorpion Image

Scorpions are extremely deadly predators.  They are partly-camouflage and difficult to see except when they are almost in range to strike their prey. They are more likely to attack at night, when their camouflage is the most effective.  The only limitation of these creatures is their relatively slow movement speed.  So, be sure to watch out for Scorpions and keep a respectable distance in order to avoid being attacked.


Snake Image

Snakes come in many colors and are often found slithering across the world in search of a quick bite.  Their path changes from day to night, as some areas are more plentiful during the day and others at night, so be careful when traveling along a snake path as dusk or dawn approaches.  Snakes tend to ignore creatures that match their color, so it is often possible to move through their territory without incident so long as you match their color.

Tiger Cub

Tiger Cub Image

Tiger Cubs are the large predators of Geuka (even at a young age).  Their hunting ability is matched only by their curiosity about other jungle creatures.  If a Tiger Cub sees a chameleon, it is naturally curious and will chase the chameleon and pounce on it.  For this reason it is best to avoid wandering Tiger Cubs if you can.  Another way to avoid playing with a Tiger Cub is to match their orange color.  They are not interested by other orange objects, since those are often not novel and are instead other tiger cubs.  So a chameleon with an orange color may be able to sneak past a Tiger Cub without being noticed.