Game Concept

Geuka is based around the idea of using changes in the world and in the behavior of the other creatures in that world to your advantage to keep Charlie the Chameleon alive and following the elusive butterfly.  The game is a top-down puzzler and is often compared to Chip's Challenge (another top-down puzzler) and in some ways to Pac-Man.  The idea is to avoid the predators of the game world and to follow the butterfly.  There is no way for Charlie to kill any of the other creatures in the game world, the challenge is to manipulate those creatures using the color of the chameleon and by making the best use of the behavioral traits of the predators, especially the changes from day to night.  The game is intended to be challenging, with an appeal to all ages.

Game Mechanics

The primary game mechanic in Geuka is the ability of Charlie to change color by moving across the colorful flowers that appear across the game world.  By moving across these flowers, Charlie can adopt the color of the flower and influence the behavior of the other creatures in the game world (through camouflage or by direct effect).

The other prominent game mechanic is the effect of the change from day to night and back (which can be influenced by eating magical butterflies).  The behavior of many animals is dependent on the time of day; some sleep, change their patrol routes, or change speed. These changes can be used by Charlie in order to sneak past dangerous creatures or to use benign creatures in order to keep following the special butterfly.

Game World

The game is set in a world filled with grasslands, trees, lakes, streams, and mountains.  There are several dynamic elements in the world, such as mushroom switches that can trigger leaf doors or flowers to open and the magical butterflies that can change the time of day.  The key to moving past each part of the world is to use these elements to your advantage and find a safe path to follow the elusive butterfly.