Current News

01.15.2008 - Geuka 1.0.0 Pre-release posted.

11.26.2006 - Major content update.

10.01.2006 - Site launched.


Geuka is a top-down puzzle/adventure game being developed by a team of Cornell students as part of the CIS 300 course.  The game follows the adventures of Charlie the chameleon as he attempts to find his way through the jungle and across the savannah to get home.  Along his journey Charlie will face many types of creatures, some friendly and others hostile, as well as environmental challenges and all sorts of unforseen dangers.  Armed with only his ability to change color and the cunning of the player controlling him, Charlie must find his way through this perilous world and return home.

What is Geuka?

Geuka is the Swahili verb "to change" (for example "geuka rangi" means "to change color").  The game is designed around the ability of the main character to change color in order to influence the other creatures in the game world to his advantage as well as the change from day to night.  Both of these changes influence the behavior of other creatures in the world.  It is by using both of these changing conditions to the player's greatest advantage that they will be able to outwhit their enemies and move Charlie through the world unharmed.